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It's time for a new event, InviteMaster, here you should invite as many of your minecraft playing friends as possible to our discord.
This event is ongoing from now on, and until Friday 15/2 at 20.00 UTC + 1



The rules are very simple, and it is almost impossible to make mistakes.
All you have to do is create a new invitelink and send it to all your friends


* You are not allowed to send this link, on other minecraftservers / discords
* If you have an Discordservers owners/admins permissions to send our discord there, you are allowed to share the link!

To see the leaderboard just type !leaderboard - under "Bot-commands" in discord.
The players on top-3 when the competition finishes at 20.00 UTC+1 on Friday, will win a prize.

The prize will be a suprise! :)

Event INVITEMASTER is now over!  And the winners are:

🥇  Blixtdraken     🏆One random Steamkey and 5k$ ingame
🥈  GZG1             🏆 3k$ ingame
🥉  Guzzman1     🏆 1k$ ingame




The brain have helpt us alot! :)

[The Brain] DepthCraft

The owners' job is to make sure that the server works as it should, ie, work with plugins, fix new servers, update servers when needed and so on.

[Owner] CaptainElsa
[Owner] Cobzer





We have at the moment no staff member, but you can apply below :D

Want to be part of the team? Visit this link-> and apply =)

Welcome to DepthCraft Forums!

As a Member of this Forum, we need you to follow all our rules!

1. Do not ask staff about ranks, special permissons or prefixes!
2. Do not bully or violate any one!
3. Nazism, Racism, Sexism is strictly forbidden in DepthCraft all services!
4. Stick to the different themes in the Forum. example, do not type about the server in Introduction, server discussions are made in General Discussions!
5.  Do not advertise other discord or Minecraft-servers or realms!
6. Do not discuss any form of politics, (example: opinions about politics)
7. If you posting pictures of your buildings, please make sure, that the pictures are taken on DepthCraft server!
8.  Spamming are not allowed!
9. Do not use this forum to; Ban-appeal, Bug-repport or Staff-applications. Use "MORE" on the menu on top of the page and click on "Ban-appeal/Staff applications/Bug-report!"
10. It's strictly forbidden to falsely accuse anyone to give them punishment!
11. Respect everyone regardless; sex, ethnicity, opinions ect.
12. If you register, please use your minecraftname as alias!

 You are responsible for your account!  Even if it's your brother/sister, friend, mom or dad who played. YOUR account = Your responsiblility

We reserve the right at any time to add / remove / change these rules without notifying our players!

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