If you want to apply as staff, think about it twice, we will be very demanding. 
As a staff member, we need you to be active! When you apply as staff, we need you to fill this form:

Minecraft-name: Blixtdraken

What is your Discordname? (Ex: DepthCraft#3154): Blixtdraken#4462

What is your age: 14

How long have you played on DepthCraft? Since a little bit before it open about 1-2 weeks before.

Why did you choose DepthCraft? 
Because many players I know play here now and I enjoy watching and helping new servers grow, I also feel like the community is very good.

Have you been punished on DepthCraft? yes/no, and why?
no not on the server but I did get warned o the discord server for whining over losing a rank. (won't happen again )

Why should we approve you for our staff team?
Because of I am always trying to make things fair between people and let everyone say what they have to say and don't go to conclusions directly and I have a lot of knowledge about servers and server plugins/commands so i may be able to help admin or owner if a plugin doesn't work. And I am trying to be as active as I can.

Are you able to accept criticism and keep yourself calm in hot situations?
I can sometimes get a little bit annoyed if someone says something and then think that that is the only thing that true and dotn wanna chance that and I can take criticism, okay it's not my best ability but iI can control my feelings about that

Do you have good patience? It is important to have good patience as a staff.
I have good patience for things that don't change its finish time too much.

1. You are on the server and someone says kimzy415 is using Kill-Aura.
You are the only staff member inside and he does not listen
'when you say he should turn it off. What are you doing?

I will try to stop him in other ways before banning him for the days he should be banned according to your banning rules or whatever you call them for kill aura and also get evidence for it so I can view it if someone asks for proofs or he tries to ban appeal.

2. You are in Discord with your best friend and you fight.
Your buddy does not take knockback when you hit him.
What are you doing?

I Will ask him why he doesn't take knockback if he then admits having hacks I will try to convince him or here that he or she should turn it off but if she or he says no I will ask for screen share and look if they are using any hacks or mods

3. You see an Admin taking things from creative. You tell her to stop
but she threatens you that if you tell someone you will be
banned. What are you doing?

I will get evidence(screen recording or screenshot) and view it to an owner or someone else that can take care of it and if that admin still bans me I can give my evidence to a staff capable to unban me and the ni will get unbanned.

4. You got OP because you would help CaptainElsa to build an event.
When you are done, they forget to remove your OP. Someone is starting to spam
"KIMZY415 HACKING" in the chat. What are you doing?

depending on my rank 

Helper: I would Warn the spammer that he or she can get muted if he or she doesn't stop spamming and the ni would tell a mod or higher to have an eye on that person IF they really hack.
mod or higher: same on helper but I would go over to Kimzy and see if I can get any evidence that the player is hacking if they dont I wil leave them alone.
5. Explain what at least three of these commands mean:
/ Tempban, / tp, / co inspect, / Invsee, / Vanish.

/Tempban: Temporarily ban someone from the server a chosen amount of time and if you add -s to the end of the command it will not show in chat.

/tp: Teleports you to another player or another player to another player or you to cordinates or another player to coordinates

/co inspect: This toggle a mode so when you punch something you will be able to see the history off that block coordinate.

/invsee: This will allow you to Look in other players inventory and pout stuff in it and take then.

/vanish: Makes it look like your not on the servers for other normal players without the right permissions.

6. Explain ALL these concepts: Rules,
Racism, Common Sense and Grief
Racism: Saying bad things about a specific race.

Common sense: Something that means to do the obvious and think about it.

Grief: When you destroy or ruin something that you wasn't allowed to destroy or chance

7.  Which of our rules do you think is most important?

That everyone are responsible for there own accounts!

Anything you want to add?

Do never ask us if we read your application! We will message you if you are approved. If you ask us, your application will be deleted!