If you want to apply as staff, think about it twice, we will be very demanding. 
As a staff member, we need you to be active! When you apply as staff, we need you to fill this form:

Minecraft-name: GaminGN88B

What is your Discordname? GaminGN88B#0361

What is your age: 19

How long have you played on DepthCraft? Never been on it, Started today.

Why did you choose DepthCraft? 
Because the owner sent a adverstment on my dc and i feel like giving it a shot.

Have you been punished on DepthCraft? yes/no, and why?
Never happened.

Why should we approve you for our staff team?
Because i'm trying to make it feel good for everyone playing, for them to have a great time playing, make them want to be apart of the Community and help us grow and get bigger, help keeping everyone obey the rules.

Are you able to accept criticism and keep yourself calm in hot situations?
Of course i get mad or upset, but i know how to hold myself back, focus my feelings in the right place. it takes a big responsobility being a staff, your the face of the community .

Do you have good patience? It is important to have good patience as a staff.
Everything takes time.. nothing can happen the same day or week, you gotta do the best of it.

1. You are on the server and someone says kimzy415 is using Kill-Aura.
You are the only staff member inside and he does not listen
'when you say he should turn it off. What are you doing?

I will give him/her a last chance to turn it of with a warning, otherwise i will ban him/her and he/her can apply for a ban appeal, and there should be a good reason why i should unban him/her. no one likes a cheater.

2. You are in Discord with your best friend and you fight.
Your buddy does not take knockback when you hit him.
What are you doing?

I would ask why the don't get kockedback and if they admit to have cheats, i tell them to turn it off, if they won't obey i will ask for evidence of the mod/hack client and if it's true i will ban them for hacked client using.

3. You see an Admin taking things from creative. You tell her to stop
but she threatens you that if you tell someone you will be
banned. What are you doing?

Of course i will record and get supplies of evidence to send it to a higher ranked staff and tell them what happened so the person who cheated will get justice for what they did.

4. You got OP because you would help CaptainElsa to build an event.
When you are done, they forget to remove your OP. Someone is starting to spam
"KIMZY415 HACKING" in the chat. What are you doing?

I would tell the admin they forgot to turn it off so i could go back to survival and play like everyone else.
5. Explain what at least three of these commands mean:
/ Tempban, / tp, / co inspect, / Invsee, / Vanish.

/Tempban is temporary banned, ETC you can add for how long you want them to be banned.

/tp: teleport you or someone else to a specific location or player.

/co inspect: You can see the last cordinates of an object if you punsh it.

/invsee: Allow me to see someones inventory, maybe to check if they used some sort of cheats

/vanish: you become invisible on the server TAB and as a character

6. Explain ALL these concepts: Rules,
Racism, Common Sense and Grief
Racism: Saying bad things about a specific race.

Common sense: Think Before you act, Treat people they way you want them to treat you.

Grief: Destory, steal stuff from other players, make it a less fun experience for that person

7.  Which of our rules do you think is most important?

Show respect to other people, take responsobility for your own actions, its you who played, not someone else!