It's time for a new event, InviteMaster, here you should invite as many of your minecraft playing friends as possible to our discord.
This event is ongoing from now on, and until Friday 15/2 at 20.00 UTC + 1



The rules are very simple, and it is almost impossible to make mistakes.
All you have to do is create a new invitelink and send it to all your friends


* You are not allowed to send this link, on other minecraftservers / discords
* If you have an Discordservers owners/admins permissions to send our discord there, you are allowed to share the link!

To see the leaderboard just type !leaderboard - under "Bot-commands" in discord.
The players on top-3 when the competition finishes at 20.00 UTC+1 on Friday, will win a prize.

The prize will be a suprise! :)

Event INVITEMASTER is now over!  And the winners are:

🥇  Blixtdraken     🏆One random Steamkey and 5k$ ingame
🥈  GZG1             🏆 3k$ ingame
🥉  Guzzman1     🏆 1k$ ingame