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Staff Applications

By Lunkan1

Minecraft-name: Lunkan1
What is your Discordname? Lunkan #3508
What is your age: 16
How long have you played on DepthCraft? about 3 amazing days
Why did you choose DepthCraft? because i was suggestet to this server
Have you been punished on DepthCraft? yes/no, and why? no and hopefully i will never be.
Why should we approve you for our staff team? im active and i want the server to be as clean and fun as it can
Are you able to accept criticism and keep yourself calm in hot situations? Yes im Head-Admin on a diffrent server so thats pretty casual.
Do you have good patience? It is important to have good patience as a staff. yes im patience, yes you have to be paticense as a admin!

1. You are on the server and someone says kimzy415 is using Kill-Aura.
You are the only staff member inside and he does not listen
'when you say he should turn it off. What are you doing?
I ban him because hacks is not acceptible! 

2. You are in Discord with your best friend and you fight.
Your buddy does not take knockback when you hit him.
What are you doing? Tell him to turn the cheats of and if he dosent i ban him.

3. You see an Admin taking things from creative. You tell her to stop
but she threatens you that if you tell someone you will be
banned. What are you doing? i record and send the evidence to a owner or an admin/staff so i have evidence if she do something.

4. You got OP because you would help CaptainElsa to build an event.
When you are done, they forget to remove your OP. Someone is starting to spam
"KIMZY415 HACKING" in the chat. What are you doing? 
I go in to /vanish and spectate him and if he hacks i ban him.

5. Explain what at least three of these commands mean:
/ Tempban, / tp, / co inspect, / Invsee, / Vanish.  Tempban is that you ban a person for a timelimit. tp means that i tp to somebody. Invsee is that i can look in a players inv, If the player xraying i can look in his inv and see how much dia he have for stronger evidence. /Vanish is that you get invisible so you can spectate other players for an example look if he or she is hacking.
6. Explain ALL these concepts: Rules,
Racism, Common Sense and Grief. Rules is a guideline you must follow. Racism is hate against ethnicity.
Common sense is a good sense in judgement. Grief is that you destroying, for an example if a player build in the wilderness and a other player come and destroy all the builds.
7.  Which of our rules do you think is most important? Rasism and Greif becouse everyone is going to this server and fell save from Rasism and other people destroying your privet stuff.

Anything you want to add?
im active pretty much every week bute some days when i live with my dad i cant play so much.


yooo! :)

srsly everything is if you don't follow the rules ban