Minecraft-name: _H4rl3qu1n_
What is your Discordname? _H4rl3qu1n_#1780
What is your age: 13 rn (don't judge me by my age i'm skilled)
How long have you played on DepthCraft? 1 minute because noone else basically plays so what?
Why did you choose DepthCraft? Because i looks like a fine and good server to spend some time on.
Have you been punished on DepthCraft? no because i've been playing for 1 minute and haven't been breaking any rules
Why should we approve you for our staff team? because i've played minecraft since 2013 and i'm skilled in the moderator district and is surely qualified to be one.
Are you able to accept criticism and keep yourself calm in hot situations? Yes.
Do you have good patience? It is important to have good patience as a staff. Yes i have good patience and yes it good because then you won't leave because nothing is happening or something else.

1. You are on the server and someone says kimzy415 is using Kill-Aura.
You are the only staff member inside and he does not listen
when you say he should turn it off. What are you doing? See if he/she is using it and make them listen by caging them or something else in punishment.

2. You are in Discord with your best friend and you fight.
Your buddy does not take knockback when you hit him.
What are you doing? Say to him to turn off the hacks and they should fight equal without hacks and if he doesn't listen he gets punished.

3. You see an Admin taking things from creative. You tell her to stop
but she threatens you that if you tell someone you will be
banned. What are you doing? Report to the owner or some other staffmember that is online that they should make the admin stop doing things that aren't fair to anyone else.

4. You got OP because you would help CaptainElsa to build an event.
When you are done, they forget to remove your OP. Someone is starting to spam
"KIMZY415 HACKING" in the chat. What are you doing? Convince everyone that one of the owners gave me op for something special and then contact the owner and unop me again.

5. Explain what at least three of these commands mean:
/ Tempban, / tp, / co inspect, / Invsee, / Vanish. /tempban is for short temporary ban and is a punishment for people who break the rules. /tp is teleport for short and makes you or someone else teleport to another player or destination in general. /co inspect is a command who inspects if something has been griefed or something else in general. /invsee is when you see in someone elses inventory and should only be used while hacking or xraying.
/vanish makes you go invisible for everyone with a rank below you bu you will still be visible  for people with a highre rank than you and should only be used when you don't want to be seen.

6. Explain ALL these concepts: Rules,
Racism, Common Sense and Grief: Rules are the things listed that should be follow if broken you will be punished. Racism is when a person mocks another person for their color and where they come from. Common Sense is a rule that everybody knows or should know and isn't listed in the rules. Grief is when you destroy or build in someone's property without their consent. 

7.  Which of our rules do you think is most important? It's strictly forbidden to falsely accuse anyone to give them punishment because it's one of the most common mistakes people and staffmembers do.

Anything you want to add? No thank you.