- My minecraft name is Kakotu.

What is your Discordname? (Ex: DepthCraft#3154)
- My discord name is Yanini#9066

What is your age:
- I'm 16 years old.

How long have you played on DepthCraft?
- I have played since beta-mode.

Why did you choose DepthCraft? ​
- It's a really nice community and  there are friends there from other minecraft servers.

Have you been punished on DepthCraft? yes/no, and why? 
   - Yes, but only tests.

Why should we approve you for our staff team?
- I'm a very active player in the chat but also easy to talk to, also quite funny to talk to last but not least. I bring the most requested stuff, LOVE.

Are you able to accept criticism and keep yourself calm in hot situations?
   - Yes of course i am, criticism is the best way to evolve as human.

Do you have good patience? It is important to have good patience as a staff.
   - Yes i can wait more than 6 months to be promoted to support.

1. You are on the server and someone says kimzy415 is using Kill-Aura.
You are the only staff member inside and he does not listen
when you say he should turn it off. What are you doing?

   - I would start record him/her and send it to a higher staff member that have permission to punish the player.
2. You are in Discord with your best friend and you fight.
Your buddy does not take knockback when you hit him.
What are you doing?

   - I would ask him if he is lagging or if he is using hacks, message an staff member that can check him/her. But i would also record it and send to the staff if none of them         are online.

3. You see an Admin taking things from creative. You tell her to stop
but she threatens you that if you tell someone you will be
banned. What are you doing?
- I would tell on her immediately because the owners can always unban me. So i don't see that as a big problem.

4. You got OP because you would help CaptainElsa to build an event.
When you are done, they forget to remove your OP. Someone is starting to spam
"KIMZY415 HACKING" in the chat. What are you doing?
- For the first i would use /deop Kakotu when i noticed that i have op, but i would tell the person to stop spamming and tell him/her to send proof to the higher staff.

5. Explain what at least three of these commands mean:
/ Tempban, / tp, / co inspect, / Invsee, / Vanish.
- /Tempban means that you blocking a player to join the network under a specific period. 
          Usage: /Tempban (player) (time) (reason)
   - /Tp means that you teleports to the specified players cordinates without the player needing to accepts it.
          Usage: /tp (player) OR /teleport (player)
   - /Co inspect it means that you can check the history of the blocks that have been broken or placed and by who and what time.
          Usage: /Co i 
   - /Invsee it means that you can check the specified players inventory and if you have the right permissions you can edit the inventory.
          Usage: /invsee (player)
   - /Vanish it makes you invicible to the server so only player with permissions can see the vanished player.

          Usage: /v OR /vanish

6. Explain ALL these concepts: Rules,
Racism, Common Sense and Grief
   - Rules is used for players/people to follow

   - Racism is when you or someone else is judging a player/person by the color on their skin or cuntry
   - Common Sense is when you think before the do something. Think if it's neccessary to do/say.
   - Grief is when you or someone is destroying something that doesn't belong to the player that destroyed it.
7.  Which of our rules do you think is most important?
- All of the rules is important because together is makes an ensemble.
Anything you want to add?
   - I was tierd when i made this application so i don't really care aboud small spelling or grammar mistakes.

Do never ask us if we read you application! We will message you, if you are approved. If you ask us, your application will be deleted!